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Micro PowerPoint Presentations
from McConnell & Brue's 19th edition

Unit 1
Chapter 1 Limits, Alternatives, & Choices (19th ed.) 

Chapter 2 The Market System & the Circular Flow (19th ed.)

Unit 2
Chapter 3 Demand, Supply, & Market Equilibriuim (19th ed.)

Chapter 3 Additional Examples of Supply & Demand (19th ed.)

Chapter 4 Elasticity (19th ed.)

Unit 3
Chapter 7  Businesses & Cost of Production (19th ed.)

Chapter 8  Pure Competition in the Short Run (19th ed.)

Chapter 9  Pure Competition in the Long Run
 (19th ed.)

Chapter 10 Pure Monopoly (19th ed.)

Chapter 11 Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly (19th ed.)

Unit 4
Chapter 12 The Demand for Resources (19th ed.)

Chapter 13 Wage Determination (19th ed.)

Chapter 14 Rent, Interest, & Profit (19th ed.)

Unit 5
Chapter 5 Market Failures: Public Goods & Externalities (19th ed.)

Chapter 17 Asymmetric Information, Voting, & Public Choice (19th ed.)