Micro Unit 2 Review List

This list is not all inclusive but should be used rather as a guide.  If you think of anything else that should be included in this review, please inform me by emailing John Slonim.

  • Determinants of Elasticity for Supply & Demand
    (Total Revenue Test)
  • Circular Flow
  • Consumer Surplus
    (activity #9)
  • Change in Demand vs.
    Change in Quantity Demanded 
    (activity #10)
  • Diminishing Marginal Utility
    (activity #11)
  • Change in Supply vs.
    Change in Quantity Supplied  
    (activity #12)
  • Elasticity of Demand & Supply
    (activity #17)
  • Give reasons why demand curve
     is downward sloping  
    (activity #11)


Unit 2 Key Ideas

Micro Unit 2

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