U.S. Government
2013-14 Semester Exam Questions
Mr. Slonim

For Homework:


1.    What were the basic ideas about Government that colonists brought to America?  What other historical ideas became part of American Government ?  Give examples. 

2.    For what reasons were compromises needed in the American Constitution?  Explain the compromises made.  What were the differences between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists, and how were those differences resolved?

3.    What does it mean to say that the two major parties are more election oriented than issue oriented?  What purpose do third parties play in the political dynamics of the United States?  Use specific examples in your writing.

4.    Trace the expansion of voting rights in the United States.  In your response include such factors as gender, age and race.  Also be sure to include all relevant amendments.  Who in American society is still denied the right to vote?

 5.    What is the role of the Supreme Court in the American system of Government ?  What jurisdiction is held by the Supreme Court?  How are justices named to the court and how long do they serve?  What is the significance of Marbury v. Madison?

6.    What are the differences between the “Establishment Clause” and the “Free Exercise Clause” in the First amendment?  Mention a relevant court case in your argument. 

7.    How does the Bill of Rights protect the freedom and security of the individual?  What are the limits of those freedoms?  (Provide examples) 

8.    Describe all the steps involved in the passing of a federal law and a Constitutional Amendment. 

9.    What was the theoretical basis for the creation of the Electoral College?  What impact has the Electoral College had on political campaigns?  What are some of the arguments both for and against an Electoral College system?