U.S. Government  Constitution Project

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  1. Become familiar with the Constitution as a document and as a body of law.
  2. Gain a broader understanding of the applications of the United States Constitution in our lives today.
  3. Recognize and define constitutionality in our legal system today.

Project Requirements:

  1. You will collect twenty (20) articles from current news periodicals such as: Newsweek, Time, Cincinnati Enquirer, USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, or other newsweeklies, newspapers, journals, or foreign press. You will then need to relate all your articles to various locations within the Constitution. (It is important to note that not all newspaper and magazine articles pertain to the Constitution.) 

    The articles must be dated on February 1, 2019 or later.

    Your collections will be graded on appropriateness of the articles to the section of the   Constitution  to which they are matched, the scope of your coverage of all parts of the  Constitution  (including the Amendments), and the breadth of the periodical sources you found. (It would be expected that you would utilize 3-5 different sources)

Guidelines for the Articles: (see Sample Layout)

Guidelines for each page: 

  1. Organization of Project (in this order)

Title page (incl. Title of Project, Class, Name, and the date)
     See sample Title Page

  • Articles must be organized in ascending order according to their Constitutional "address"
  • Constitutional "Address" of the article. For example, I,8,3 or VI,2 or Amendment 14.1.
  • Title of the page
  • Source (ex. name of newspaper or magazine)
  • Page number (in Arabic numerals)
  1. Article Pages  (See sample Article Pages)   Sample article pages will also be displayed in the Media Center.

  2. Argumentative Paper  (Must be typed)
    • At the end of the project
    • Be sure to use page numbers

Each student will be required to submit an article fully completed to make sure they are on the right track.
A due date will be given
by each classroom teacher.

The entire project is due at the beginning of your class period (or prior), regardless of attendance, on Monday, March 4th


If the project has not been turned in at that time, it will be considered late.  If it is turned in late on Monday, it is considered 1 day late and you lose a  letter grade.  (5 minutes late will be considered a full day.  In other words, bring it to class completed and stapled together etc.)

You will lose 2 full letter grades if it is turned in on Tuesday (after the beginning of your class period) and an additional letter grade for each additional school day that the project is late.


Satisfactory completion of this project is a
requirement in order to receive credit for this class.