Chapter 2 Section #2-3 (pp. 36-42, 48-51)                                       Name                                                             
U.S. Economics

Section #2 (pp. 36-42)

Several attempts were made before the 1770's to promote colonial unity.  For each of these attempts, give a brief definition or explanation of its purpose and some description of its successes or failures

1.      The New England Confederation


2.      The Albany Plan


3.      The Stamp Act Congress


4.      The First Continental Congress



Section #3 (pp. 48-51)

Concerning the Articles of Confederation:

5.      What was its Economicsal structure?

6.      What were the powers of Congress?

7.      What were the obligations of the states?

8.      What were its weaknesses?

9.      For what reasons are the 1780's known as the Critical Period in American history?