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Macro Unit 3 National Income and Price Determination

Unit 3 Key Ideas

Text: Economics by McConnell & Brue 14th ed.

Visuals for Unit 3

Chapter 27 Basic Macroeconomic Relationships (19th ed.)

Chapter 28 The Aggregate Expenditures Model (19th ed.)

Chapter 29 Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply (19th ed.)

Chapter 30 Fiscal Policy, Deficits, and Debt (19th ed.)

Practice Questions:

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Unit 3 Aggregate Demand & Supply: Fluctuations in Output & Prices


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Old Visuals

Visual 3-1
The Aggregate  Demand Curve

Visual 3-2
Shifts in
 Aggregate Demand

Visual 3-3
The Aggregate Supply Curve
Visual 3-4
Shifts in Aggregate Supply
Visual 3-5
The Equilibrium Price Level & Output
Visual 3-6
The Effects of Shifts in Aggregate Demand
Visual 3-7
The Effects of Shifts in Aggregate Supply
Visual 3-8
Long-Run Aggregate Supply
Visual 3-9
The Consumption Schedule
Visual 3-10
The Investment Schedule
Visual 3-11
Equilibrium GDP
Visual 3-12
A Recessionary Gap
Visual 3-13
An Inflationary Gap
Visual 3-14
Expansionary Fiscal Policy
Visual 3-15
Expansionary Fiscal Policy
(Keynesian Model)

Visual 3-16
Contractionary Fiscal Policy

Visual 3-17
Contractionary Fiscal Policy
(Keynesian Model)
  Unit 3 Key Ideas Unit 3 Review List