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Macro Unit 5 Inflation, Unemployment, and Stabilization Policies

Unit 5 Key Ideas

Text: Economics by McConnell & Brue 14th ed.

  • Chapter 16 Extending the Analysis of Aggregate Supply (pp. 330-345)

  • Visuals for Unit 5


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    Old Visuals
    Visual 5.1
    The Phillips Curve (Short Run)
    Visual 5.4
    Keynesian Theory
    Visual 5.7
    Graphing Keynesian Theory
    Visual 5.2
    The Crowding Out Effect
    Visual 5.5
    Monetarist Theory
    Visual 5.8
    Graphing Monetarist Theory
    Visual 5.3
    Economic Growth, Long Run Aggregate Supply, and the Production Possibilities Curve
    Visual 5.6
    Rational Expectations Theory
    Visual 5.9
    Graphing Rational Expectations Theory
    Unit 5 Key Ideas